Khanya Finance Trains Activists

December 19, 2018 Uncategorized 0

KhanyaCollege’s commitment to building social movements goes beyond politicaleducation, organizing and campaign support. An important part of thiscommitment is to build the capacity of social movements to run their ownorganisations and manage their own resources.

On 6 November the Gauteng Community Health Care Forum Finance team met with the Khanya College Finance team at the Forum offices to discuss finance management challenges that arose from the CHWs Committee Meeting on the 1st of December 2018 and to plan for 2019. Khanya College is mentoring the Forum finance committee is providing training on how to maintain books and to compile reports.

The Forum Finance team presented its first the Forum Financials for the Period of Jan18-Nov18 at the Committee meeting. A number of challenges emerged in the course of the presentation of the report. One challenge that emerged was the Committee’s knowledge of how to read financial reports, including how to understand deficits and budgets. The meeting also discussed the Forum subscriptions collections, and their potential to contribute to the financial health of the Forum.

The meeting also highlighted the need to build the skills of the Finance team of the Forum, including computer skills and finance management skills. The Khanya College Finance team made a commitment to assist the Forum Finance team with Basic Computer Skills, Basic Excel Skills, How to File, How to present data to the meetings, Budgeting and Cash flow Management in order to ensure that they take one more step towards the organizational and resource independence of the Forum.

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