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Referral organisations meeting, Thursday, 25
November, 12:00h - 14:00h, at Khanya
College’s House of Movements.

Public launch of the Setsi Sa Mosadi website,
Thursday 25th November, 14:30h – by invitation.

Events at Khanya College
Venue: 2nd Floor, House of Movements 123 Pritchard St (cnr Mooi St)
Friday, 27 August, 1314.30h
Debate on the public sector strike

Friday, 27 August, 1314.30h
Debate on the public sector strike

Sunday, 20 June, Workers Museum, Newtown
Workers Play: Anti-xenophobia soccer match

Saturday, 19 June, 12–16h, Workers Museum, Newtown
Book and Exhibition Launch: Workers Play
Workers Walks: Workers Play exhibition walk-about with players and fans

Sunday, 30 May, Workers Museum, Newtown
Anti-xenophobia workshops for adults

Wednesday, 12 May, Workers Museum, Newtown
Dialogue and capacity building program: Community Photographers

Saturday, 6 March, 11–13h, Workers Museum, Newtown
Public walk-about featuring the launch of the Workers Museum and its new permanent exhibition

Saturday, 13 February, 12–16h, Khanya College, House of Movements
I Publish What I Like a workshop for Black writers, readers and publishers

Saturday, 23 January, 13–14.30h, Khanya College, House of Movements

Celebrating a Life of Activism: Memorial for Dennis Brutus