Previous Karibu Editions

KARIBU! newsletter is a publication of Khanya's campaign against xenophobia. It aims at strengthening and reinforcing a discourse against xenophobia in South Africa, sharing knowledge and experiences of anti-xenophobia work and to explore further approaches of organising and mobilising social justice activists.

KARIBU! is committed to put into practice the aims and objectives of Khanya's anti-xenophobia campaign:

  • Enabling a change in attitude towards foreign nationals among the South African population in the interests of peace and justice;
  • General awareness raising: Promoting tolerance and thereby sustaining the gains of the democratic transition;
  • Promoting regional solidarity, cultural diversity and cultural tolerance;
  • Building links and solidarity between South African communities and immigrant communities;
  • Building a network of organisations working on immigration issues;
  • Enabling local immigrant organizations to take up issues affecting immigrant communities through mobilization and advocacy;and
  • Providing for institutional support to immigrant organisations.
  1. Marikana Massacre-Call for Community Tribunals
  2. Limpopo Education Crisis-June 2012 Edition
  3. The "Spear" Saga
  4. Ekurhuleni Clinic Counsellors on strike
  5. The Resurgence of Xenophobia in Our Communities
  6. Down with xenophobia!forward to solidarity
  7. Migrants workers rights:May 2010
  8. Xenophobia and informal trade:Sept 2009
  9. Xenophobia and Social movements:June 2009
  10. Combating Xenophobia:Struggle continues:May 2009
  11. Protests at Refugee Reception Office in Cape Town:Nov 2007
  12. A lasting peace for Africa in 21st Century:Sept 2007
  13. Xenophobia, Migration and capitalist globalisation