Who We Are

Khanya College is an independent non-governmental organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established in 1986, the primary aim of Khanya College is to assist various constituencies within working class and poor communities…

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What we do

Activities of Khanya College Khanya College engages in six kinds of activities. These are: Education and training workshops and seminars, Research, Publications, Creating platforms for the social justice movement to network and build solidarity, Campaigns…

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Who We Work With

Constituencies of the College The College is committed to serving organisations and individuals from working class and poor communities. The College is politically non-sectarian in its relationships with the various organisations from the communities…

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CELEBRATING 15 years of the Jozi Book Fair!!!

Theme: Read! Remake the World!

Date: 10 – 12 November 20233
Venue :  Newtown Park, Johannesburg
Invite to host exhibit, host events and perform

Past Events

Khanya College Youth
Dialogue and Cultural Event


DATE: Saturday, 23 September  2023 

TIME: 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

VENUE: Push, 1 Boundary Road Eldorado Park, Ext. 7

OPEN MIC: (Dance, Theatre, Music, Poetry). Sign up on whatsApp: 0791015880


Launch of Bathekgi Ba Khanya College

Date: 30 – Sept – 2023

Venue: Workers Museum Cottages






Khanya College Study Group Meetings
Youth Dialogue and Cultural Event , 23 September 2023
Khanya Winter School 23 - 28 july 2023
March to Conhill
Khanya Health Project
Khanya College Study Group Meetings
Visitors from Peru
Visitors from Medico
Khanya Mass Legal Advice Day 29 June 2023


Who we are

Bathekgi ba Khanya College

2018 Annual Report

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Jozi Book Fair Festival

Khanya Winter School

CHW Programme

Community Legal Programe

Forum Of Activist Journalists

Poetry Buddies

Tsohang Batjha!

Building Khanya Colllege


Open Letter to the Conhill