Sisanda Lwana Kulima on her journey to become a social justice activist

Sisanda Lwana Kulima on her journey to become a social justice activist

13/06/2019 Imbila Yesu newsletter 0

My name is Sisanda, a 34 years old single woman, I am a community health care worker, I live in Finetown, South Johannesburg. An outspoken person who is passionate about life and struggles of working class.

I started my journey as an activist; as a member of the street committee, around my community where we would have small meetings on how to prevent crime in the area and how to build up a defence to our council. This made me grow in terms of public speaking. In 2015, we had been mobilising to fight the Department of Health (DoH) on their unfairness in the way they are treating.

In 2016 as part of Gauteng Community Health Care Forum (Forum), we had our first Annual General Meeting where I was elected the regional chairperson of Joburg. Ever since then, I am very active and have been part of many negotiations with the with DoH. My most recent highlight for me was when I appeared on the Big Debate TV show airing live on SABC 2 on Sundays, urging the case of National Health Insurance with the Minister of Health, Dr. Motsoaledi. Taking this journey of becoming an activist in the socialist movement has its ups and downs. What I enjoy the most is the challenge and having to meet other Comrades.

Social movement activist is in my blood. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

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