11/06/2019 Imbila Yesu newsletter 0

The Imbokodo team is made of a group of women from different backgrounds. This newspaper will put forward women’s views and profile their lives and struggles. Women and girls still struggle to freely share their opinions with the world hence the need for this media house. This is a platform made specially for women. Our media house aims to deal with women’s everyday struggles, whether at work, school, social clubs even at churches.

Women’s voices in communities are so silent because of the reproduction of patriarchy.  Women can influence & change communities for the better. We believe an empowered woman is the next level of excellence.

In the society we get the women who hide their pain, sadness under the mask of make-up and lipsticks. This newspaper won’t just highlight the struggles women go through, but mostly their successes and their positive contributions in their homes and society at large. This will be a media by women for women. A space where women can find inner peace.  

Our media will focus on empowering girls in schools in terms of career guidance and writing motivation papers to encourages scholars to express themselves. Give LGBTQI a sense of belonging in society and and teach girls how to deal with abuse, bullying and other forms of victimisation. 

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