House Rules for the Khanya Winter School 2019

House Rules for the Khanya Winter School 2019

09/06/2019 Imbila Yesu newsletter 0

As part of our commitment and political responsibility for social change, Khanya College is working with other organisations that stand for the improvement of living conditions of communities, particularly black working class communities.

The programmes of the College are orientated towards assisting communities  and  their  organisations to achieve these objectives. To discharge this responsibility, the College has identified a number of interventionist strategies to contribute towards social change. One of the interventionist strategies is the roll out of programmes to build the capacity of organisations and activists that stand for social justice. The College has committed itself to contribute to movement building by embarking on certain courses to strengthen and build the capacity of activists and their organisations.

Khanya College has developed a policy that it will zero have tolerance for sexual violence or harassment during the school. Khanya College is a safe space for women activists and staff are also not allowed to have romantic or sexual relations with participants. And Khanya College will hold perpetrators accountable and will not be allowed to come to the House of Movements. 

During the school, participants are asked to respect the rules as part of our responsibility to build a vibrant, democratic working class movement. Recognise that the struggle for a progressive society means upholding the values of democracy, accountability and transparency. Comrades must commit not to practice behaviour that contributes to divisions within the working class, such as views that promote xenophobia, racism, sexism or homophobia. Comrades should actively contribute towards ensuring that women participants in the school and in their organisations feel safe and can contribute without fear of sexual harassment; uphold values that unite us all and commit not to use physical violence (attacking, striking, battering, or sexually assaulting), make threats of violence or harass any person or any other part

Khanya College: Education for Liberation 

Khanya College is an independent non-governmental organisation based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Established in 1986, the primary aim of Khanya College is to assist various constituencies within working class and poor communities to respond to the challenges posed by the forces of economic and political globalisation. 

Khanya College offers assistance through providing educational and training workshops, publications and research to organisations and individuals in these communities. Khanya College contributes to these challenges by emphasising solutions based on social solidarity, popular democracy and participation, organisation and mobilisation.

The House of Movements

On the eve of its 20th anniversary in 2006 Khanya College came to the conclusion that the process of social movement building goes beyond targeted education and training for individual activists. Of equal importance is the need for a range of other facilities that enhance activist development, and without which the work of education and training by institutions like Khanya remains limited and incomplete. Such facilities also include the availability of spaces where activists can meet, formally and informally, to exchange experiences and consolidate their views on the various challenges facing the movements.

In 2006 the College set up a House of Movements (situated at 123 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg), which among others houses the following facilities for movement building: Conferencing and Workshop Related Facilities; Resource Centre and Library; Computer Lab or Internet Centre; affordable rental space for social justice and other working class organisations; a Women’s Centre; and catering facilities for the movements.

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