Our sport is fading away in our community

Our sport is fading away in our community

10/07/2019 Imbila Yesu newsletter 0

Our sports facilities have turned into a spot for gambling and looting for youth who smoke nyaope in our communities. Today, there is no recreational activity in our society because substance abuse has taken all the energy. Alcohol is more like a hobby everyone want to see him/herself holding a bottle of beer and smoking. Shebeen owners must follow law and close tavern on time, but it may not happen all the time.

What does our government say and do as young people are wasting their talents away? Even our own government schools do not play sports, generally. Only private schools participate in sports and other extra-mural activities. Violence in schools has increased drastically as schools has been more about learning nothing which encourage our children even the ones that are still growing up

Why is the media shying away from our community struggles and local sports? The only thing we see is mainly soccer which is usually played by boys. What is happening to girls who play sports? Why do we not have regional games such as we used to have before? That is why we have high rate of teenage pregnancy and school. All this poverty has been correctly seen as the number one cause of crime.

Parents have important roles to play in fostering passion for sports and recreation. To children, sport is a universal language and help in achieving goals and also to develop communication, problem-solving skills, as well as functioning in a team. It important one gets ways of doing things and be creative in the way they solve problems. That is why school sports should be compulsory for everyone as it is not everyone who is academically gifted.

By Dimakatso Mbokane

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