Role of Media in The community need to be implemented

Where we come from workers are being exploited and underpaid, the media hardly reports on these issues. The only time they come to the communities is when people start striking and start burning staff then they say people are being unruly. The media then report on these stories negatively and hardly reflect the voice of the communities. We need an alternative form of media that will report and promote the rights of the majority who is being exploited and report their stories in a fair non-discriminatory way.

The mainstream media is colonising the minds of the people by selling them things that are irrelevant to their development but also by making them accept their exploitation. The content they write for us is very bad for example the stories on Daily Sun. When we speak of building the alternative Media – we talking about community Radio, Insaka from Zambia They use them as study settle. We need to create paper or news that will be relevant to the communities we are writing to.

By Mamela house media

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