The Struggle in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a Southern African Country between the Zambezi and Limpopo river. The Country have been in struggle for many years now. The current struggle the Country is facing is the political stability, the bad economy and failing new leadership.

Jothan Mutemeri from General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union in Zimbabwe (GAPWUZ) that representing six sectors of agriculture industry says people and social movements in Zimbabwe believe the new government failed Zimbabwe because of the changes it brought when it came to power. Changes of the fuel moved from less than $2 (dollar) to $4 and the cooking oil from $3 to $20, the society blames the new government.

After the July 2018 Elections and in January 2019 people were shot to death by the army of the state leaving others injured when they tried to demonstrate their rights and how the feel about the crisis the country is going through.

The society and social movements within the country came in solidarity to start campaigns to fight the government to account on the crisis the country is going through Mutemeri said. The eastern provinces of the country was hit by cyclone in March 2019 and it was reported that 400 people lost their lives. The people in Zimbabwe believe it was more than 700 people who lost their lives due to the natural disaster and many bodies where recovered in Mozambique and most people buried in Mozambique and it led to most children to be orphans and as a social movement they came to assistance. According to Mutemeri Zimbabwe government could have done better to prevent cost made by the natural disaster since it was aware of what was going to happen, he says the soldiers who were deployed after the disaster to look for survivors and those who lost their lives should have been deployed to move people away before the cyclone hit the country.

By Tshepo Matoko

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