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Pull Her Down Syndrome – KHANYA COLLEGE

Pull Her Down Syndrome

12/07/2019 Imbila Yesu newsletter 0

I don’t know what is it with today’s society, especially the working class women. You will find that when a woman is in a certain or higher position, she will look down on her fellow women if they are on the same age group. This is classified as the PHD Syndrome and no I’m not talking about the university qualification but the PHD in this stands for pull her down. Women for example would not want to help each other, and pull each other up probably because they fear the other might end up being better than them. Not only in the workplace do we find this PHD Syndrome but in our communities, schools, social clubs etc. Where you find women and girls judging each other on the price of their clothes, where they come from, status and power and even the kind of house you live in. As the saying says ‘charity begins at home’, we as mothers should teach our children to never judge and be welcoming of people no matter where they come from.

By Samantha Dube