Women Abuse

Abuse comes in different ways and forms, the important thing is that you should know what it is and able to know when you are being abused and see the warning signs. When women see the warning signs, no matter how small, they should not deny, ignore or make excuses for the perpetrator. The worse kind of abuse is the emotional abuse because it is not easily recognisable. Emotional abuse makes one feel like they are worthless and not worthy of respect. Emotional abuse is very dangerous because it is not easy to heal from it and opens the door for other forms of abuse. It is not easy to leave a physically abusive relationship if you have gone through emotional abuse because you start believing that you deserve it and that you are not capable of leaving your abuser.

It is important for women to be financially independent because when you wish to leave, you are able to do so without worrying about who will financially support you. If you are in an abusing relationship or a survivor, take time to build yourself and remember abuse is never your fault.

By Nettly Ahmed

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