Is not time for a female president?

Every country has its own constitution that guides, rules and directs the country’s conduct and future. However, it seems the way things are the constitution favours one gender.

Why do we always have male presidents in most countries? Are women not good enough to be presidents? People are afraid to ask these questions. It is common for women to run for the presidency and to campaign but we always end up with male presidents. These are the results of patriarchy. We grow up being told that men are the heads of households and only they can hold positions of power in society. We grew up with the mentality that only men can be leaders. History repeats itself, women are oppressed and the oppression does not end because there is no female representative on the top. We continue to reproduce toxic societies that we find it hard to escape it. Women and the rest of the working class need to unite, campaign, write petitions, boycott elections and do total shutdowns.

By Sibongile Teffo

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