Zimbabweans Agricultural Trade Unions

The rise and growth of trade unions in the Agricultural sector in Zimbabwe came simultaneously on the year when the country attained its independent in 1980. Before independence, there were no Trade Unions to represent workers, so it was left to the capitalists to determine the working conditions of the workers. The capitalists could exploit workers by paying them low wages. Workers were not organised and did casual work.

However, the employer’s digression came to a total halt on the formations of these Agricultural Trade Unions. Wages and other conditions of employment became organised, hence this marked beginning of the endless powers of the workers through their unions and worker’s representatives. Therefore, despite the many sectors of the Agricultural industry workers has always achieved reasonable negotiations of wages.

The union has run an empowering programme for workers to be able to negotiate health and safety. The union also has structures for women and young workers. The union is also affiliated to Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, which is the National umbrella body and also partner to Regional and International Organisations.

By Jotham Mutemeri

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