Organising farm worker

The agriculture sector is the third most hazardous workplace in the world, following mining and construction sector. Farm worker are most the most vulnerable and exploited group, they are denied freedom and fair labour laws. Most farm workers are hired on casual basis which deprive them of enjoying permanent employment benefits. Farm workers suffer occupational accidents, accidents to a point where people lose their lives without any compensation. Most farm owners are white and they are organised, when there are issues affecting the owners we see it in the media however no one speaks about the grievances of black workers. There have been many incidences where white farmers kill black workers but the spotlight is on farm murders. Farm workers need to mobilise and organise themselves. Trade Unions have to be more active in protecting the rights of farm workers. Farm worker’s networks conducted a research on various issues affecting farm worker such as their working condition, their working conditions and abuse. The network is organising farmers and at least 60% of them are now organised.

By Kunda Matebele

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